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Special Services 

Tree Trimming

Does your property have old trees, stumps, broken and rotting tree limbs or unhealthy trees? These may pose a serious safety hazard and takes away from the beauty of your landscape thereby devaluing the worth of your property. Don't compromise, utilize the specialist at Puran Brothers Tree Services. We have hydraulic lifts to enable our team to access tall trees and hard to reach tree limbs. All cut trees and limbs are then passed through our impressive woodchipper, which produces mulch that can be used as manure for other plants and trees as well as for decorative purposes. We have a fully trained, insured, and experienced team along with modern equipment to get the job done right. 

Document Shredding   

Puran Brothers is the only company in Guyana to offer MOBILE SHREDDING services via our modern shredder truck. Our Shredder Truck is the first of its kind in the country. We offer the perfect solution for companies and organizations that require one-time bulk or continuous shredding services. Our service is safe, secure, convenient and cost effective. Most importantly our customers can choose whether they prefer ON SITE or OFF-SITE shredding therefore, there is no need for sensitive documents to leave the confines of your premises. Customer confidentiality is of utmost importance, protect your customers, employees, and company image by calling the experts at Puran Brothers for your document destruction services. Our service is available to any institution, organization, or business. It is most commonly used by Banks, Hospitals, Lawyers, and Government Agencies. 

Shredder Truck.png

Hazardous Waste Incinerator   

Puran Brothers’ portable barrel incinerator is versatile and handles a range of waste products. Our portable incinerator allows for on-site or off-site operation. The incinerator creates a whirlwind of fire and intense heat, burning refuse without smoke or smell. It also meets EPA requirements for burning hazardous refuse. Our incinerator is capable of handling materials and substances such as oily rags, filters, waste oils, drugs, medical waste and most other combustible materials. This incinerator is a perfect fit for the Oil & Gas Industry as it is able to safely dispose of most byproducts and hazardous wastes. 

List of Burnables 

  • Drugs 

  • Medical Waste  

  • Paper 

  • Clothing  

  • Plastics  

  • Gloves 

  • Oily Rags  

  • Filters 

  • Waste Oil 

  • Wood Products   

  • Polypropylene 

  • Greases  


Fire Tender 

Puran Brothers is one of a select few companies in Guyana to possess a Fire Tender Truck. Our fire tender actively serves as part of our fire contingency plan for our landfill sites across the country. In addition, it is also available for emergencies within neighboring communities as part of our company's corporate responsibilities. We also have trained and specialized staff to operate this advanced fire tender and handle various types of fires. This valuable piece of equipment helps to boost our company's preparedness for emergencies as well. 

Guyana Fire Truck Puran Bros

Asbestos Removal 

We have a dedicated team of specialist to handle the removal of asbestos in the most environmentally friendly and safe manner. Our team is fully trained and equipped to handle this hazardous task. We follow strict policies and procedures to ensure that all work is carried out according to EPA regulations and international protocols for handling asbestos. Each project is divided into several tasks: Training, mobilization of resources, demolition exercises, and transportation, disposal and decontamination activities. All workers are required to wear an asbestos suit along with allied safety gear. We ensure that all asbestos materials are disposed of in the safest way possible by constructing a specially designed cell within our landfill. Puran Brothers has successfully carried out major jobs such as the removal of asbestos from Demerara Distiller Limited (DDL). 











Puran Brothers - Moving With Diversity 

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