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Party Rentals

Table and Chair Rental Guyana
Tent Rental Guyana
tower light rental guyana

In Guyanese culture there is always a reason to celebrate. Let Puran Brothers Party Rentals cater to your functions needs, we provide all supplies you need for any event, from tents, chairs, and tables, to portable toilets and tower lights. Due to our company’s diversity we are able to offer customers an ease of experience unmatched by any other, one company that caters to all your functions needs from start to finish, setting up to cleaning up. With prompt, reliable, and professional service Puran Bros. Party Rentals is the obvious choice for your next event. 

Portable Toilets:

With a substantial fleet of executive portable toilets, Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. is the premier portable toilet rental company in Guyana. All of our toilets are full-flush and equipped with amenities such as:

  • Mirror

  • Urinals

  • Handbag hanger

  • Paper & Soap dispenser

  • Sink

  • Lights

  • Hands free flushing

Our Executive Portable Trailer Toilet is the only one of its kind in the country. This unit is perfect for large festivals and events, with luxury features and an extensive range of amenities such as:

  • Fully Air Conditioned (AC)

  • Mirrors

  • Full Size Porcelain Toilets 

  • Hands Free Flushing 

  • Sink with granite counters 

  • Urinals

  • Multi-Station for Males and Females

  • Tile Flooring 

Puran Bros Portable Toilet Guyana

Inside View of

Portable Toilets 

Puran Bros Portable Toilet Guyana

Inside View of

Portable Trailer Restrooms  

Servicing entails the following:

All of the servicing for our portable restrooms are done our Specialized Porta-Potty Service Truck. Our toilets are serviced free of charge by these specialized trucks, which cleans and replenishes all supplies such as fresh water, enzymes and fragrances to insure cleanliness and hygiene at regular intervals. This modern piece of equipment helps to avoid any environmental embarrassment to our customers, as well as complete the job in the most safe, efficient, convenient, and environmentally friendly manner. We take pride in ourselves in maintaining our toilets to the highest standards. We only transport waste in our specially designed sealed vacuum tanker trucks thus satisfying Environmental Protection Agency requirements and minimizing any environmental embarrassment to our customers.

Tent/Chair/Table Rentals:

Whether you are hosting a wedding, staff party, or conducting a religious function, Puran Bros. Party Rentals offers competitive rates and a quality product. Our tents come in an array of sizes, our most popular sizes include 20x40, 20x30, and 20x20. Our frame tents eliminate obstructive middle supports and makes full use of the space provided, their subtle appearance compliment the most exquisite décor and adapts well to the ambiance of any occasion. Our folding chairs and tables optimize the use of space and are sturdy enough to handle any event. We take pride in maintaining our equipment to the highest standards, all items are delivered on site cleaned, sanitized, and ready for immediate use. 

With affordable rates our Party Rentals service is a great choice for any event or worksite for both short- and long-term rentals. Events that we currently offer services to include but are not limited to: 

  • Parties and Weddings

  • Large Events and Festivals 

  • Construction sites

  • Office workers 

  • Schools

  • Short- and long-term Rentals 

Puran Bros Bride Groom Wedding Chairs Guyana

 Bride & Groom Wedding Chairs 

Puran Bros Ice Cooler Guyana

 Now Available! Ice Coolers 

Puran Brothers Party Rentals- From Set Up To Clean Up

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