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Garbage Bags


Puran Brothers Green Garbage Bags have taken Guyana by storm. Our bags are ideal for both commercial and residential use. Our bags are built with the environment in mind. Our mission when creating the right garbage bag for you was orchestrated in such a way that we can produce a great product while minimize the percentage of plastic used. Our core focus is for a clean and healthy environment. Not only have we been able to produce a product that uses 30% less plastic, but our bags are also designed to withstand mild to heavy pressure, making it ideal for home and office use. With our very own puncture resistance technology, we were able to produce a garbage bag that suits your daily disposal needs. 


Our bags come in a variety of sizes to range a variety of uses. Our medium size is 61cm by 92cm, perfect for residential and office use. Large size is 76cm by 92cm, perfect for and fits most garbage bins and jumbo size is 97cm by 127cm which is the perfect size for large waste disposal drums. 
Bags Are Available to Purchase Wholesale & Retail

    Medical Waste Bags

As part of our drive for total waste solutions, Puran Brothers offers Medical Waste Bags for sale & Medical Waste Transport. 
Our High-Visibility Medical Waste Bags are marked with the international bio-hazard symbol so they are easily identifiable as potentially dangerous. It is ideal for use in hospitals, medical clinics, doctor's offices, nursing homes, and any other medical facilities. All our bags meet international regulations for tear and impact resistance, they are rated to carry over 80 pounds. Bags are available in various sizes and come with bag ties for ease of use. 

    Medical Waste Transport   

After disposing of your medical wastes Puran Brothers offers Medical Waste transport. Our service utilizes a sealed specialized vehicle to transport all wastes to the Georgetown Hydroclave System. This ensures all wastes are disposed of in the safest and most environmentally friendly manner.
Note: Customers Do Not Need to Utilize Medical Waste Transport to Purchase Medical Waste Bags.

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Where To Buy

Bounty Supermarket Guyana
Survival Supermarket Guyana

Available At Supermarkets & Stores Countrywide or Contact Puran Bros. At Tel: 264-1239/2470/2489

Puran Brothers Garbage Bags- GO GREEN !!

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