Puran Brothers Inc. gained national recognition rapidly when we entered the construction industry.  We carry out government and private contracts both medium and large scale. With quality and durable work, Puran Brothers is a favored choice for road construction. Over the years we have invested millions in upgrading our equipment and technology to ensure that all the customers’ requirements and expectations are met. Today we are one of the largest contractors in Region 3 (Guyana), with an extensive pool of resources, personnel, and experience.


We are proud to receive numerous contracts from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Ministry of Communities, and Government of Guyana. Puran Brothers Inc. is committed to advancing Guyana’s infrastructure system and creating an environment we are all proud of. 


Puran Brothers Inc. has successfully completed major projects funded by private, government, and international funding agencies such as the Inter-American Development Bank. These projects consist mainly of but are not limited to:

  • Civil Road Construction

  • Construction of Housing Scheme Infrastructure

  • Sea Defence Construction 

  • General Civil Construction 

    • Construction of Roads, Bridges, & other Civil Structures

Puran Bros Construction - Quality Without Compromise


7 Bella Street, 
West Bank Demerara, Guyana 


Tel: 592-264-2489 or 264-1239

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