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Road Sweeping 

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Guyana Road Sweeping


A healthy environment is fundamental to any country’s development. Road sweeping has numerous benefits such as increasing the longevity of vital infrastructure networks. Road Sweepers can also serve a vital role in major clean ups after events and in commercial areas thus Puran Bros. has invested into a fleet of advanced road sweepers for hire. Our long standing and tested record for efficient, effective, and cost sensitive service make our sweeping solutions a clear choice. Puran Bros. takes pride in maintaining the most sophisticated road sweepers in the industry, capable of handling even the most challenging jobs.


  • Full Width Suction

  • Dual Sided Brush System

  • Middle (Full Width) Brush

  • Hose Reel & Lance Feature  

  • Angle Brushes

  • High Pressure Water Bar System

Our Services 

Roadways- Keep your community streets safe and clean from all debris, dust, and harmful particles.

Parking Lots- Protect your customer’s vehicles and enhance your property’s appeal. Create a healthy environment that is conducive to business.

Commercial Sweeping- This service is utilized by manufacturing facilities, loading docks, and warehouses to eliminate dust and unsafe debris. Keep your employees safe and promote a hygienic business.

Event Clean Up- Ease the woes of cleaning up after concerts, festivals, and fairs with our reliable and swift service.

Keeping It Clean Is What We Do Best

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