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Waste Disposal

Solid Waste Disposal

We pioneered private garbage collection in rural areas and today thousands of households and businesses such as fast food restaurants, hotels, stores and other commercial entities benefit from our quality yet affordable service. We are one of the only waste disposal companies in Guyana that holds an EPA Operations Permit. We provide tailor made waste collection whether it is daily, weekly, monthly or just one-time collection. Each Garbage Compactor Truck has a team comprising of four (4) members, including the Driver, and the jobs done by these employees are constantly monitored by one of our employed Foremen, who are required to provide daily reports to Management. Management is committed to ensuring that the job is done right under the strictest standard in safety and hygiene. 

Residential Bin Puran Bros Guyana

Puran Bros Household Bin

Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. operates in the following areas:

  • Georgetown

  • East Demerara (From Mahaica on the East Coast to Timehri on the East Bank)

  • West Demerara (From Parika on the East Bank of Essequibo to Wales on the West Bank of Demerara)

  • West Berbice (From Mahaica to Rosignol)

  • Essequibo Coast

  • Bartica 

  • Regions: 2,3,4,5,6,7

Residential Services 

Puran Brothers is the largest and primary waste collection company in Guyana servicing thousands of residents across various regions. Residents choose Puran Brothers as their dedicated waste management provider based on our service, reliability, cost, and experience. Our residential services are done under municipal contracts as well as private individual subscriptions. Each area has its own scheduled day for clearance. Collection is usually done once or twice per week. 

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Commercial Services 

Puran Bros. also caters for industrial and construction waste with our skip and wheelie bins. Our heavy duty 6-10 Cubic Yards skip bins are durable and can withstand all commercial wastes. Also available specially for commercial wastes are our large dumpster bins, plastic wheelie bins in various sizes, metal bulk bins, and a range of portable compactors to suit your needs. Our experts can analyze your waste production and determine the frequency of collection and type of bin needed for your company. We have carved out a niche for ourselves in this industry and have become Guyana's largest and primary waste disposal company. 

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