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Scrap Metal Recycling 

Puran Bros. is an approved, licensed, and registered scrap metal dealer and exporter. We harvest scrap metal from our own operations and inventory, we also purchase scrap metals from independent suppliers. We primarily focus on the collection and recycling of steel, iron, brass, aluminum, and copper. All scraps are weighed, sorted, and packed before being exported for recycling. All scrap metal activities are done in strict compliance with local and international regulations. 

Tyre Shredding & Recycling 

As part of our company’s efforts to recycle and in keeping with our green agenda, we recently acquired a tyre shredder. This investment comes from our company’s extensive landfill experience, where over the years we have seen an excessive buildup of used tyres. Puran Bros. recognized that a practical solution was needed to reduce the stockpile of “end of life” tyres and alleviate the environmental hazards they pose.  Our tyre shredder can destroy most sizes of tyres with ease, reducing them to small strips that have a wide variety of uses such as road building, playground coverage, and gravel replacement among other uses.

Keeping It Clean Is What We Do Best

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