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Trucking Services 

Trucking Services  

Our Transportation & Trucking division started to fulfill our company's internal demand to move heavy equipment, machinery, and supplies. However, in recent times this division has evolved to service Guyana's emerging oil and gas industry. Our company now utilizes our immense network of logistics equipment along with a diverse fleet of hauler trucks and trailers to transport oil & gas equipment throughout Guyana. We currently work along with a number of companies contracted for Exxon's Liza 1 project. With experienced personnel, fast, efficient, and reliable service Puran Bros. is fast becoming a prominent transportation services company in this emerging industry. Our wide range of flatbeds, lowboys, and specialized trailers can handle the most challenging jobs. 


  • Hauler Trucks (Semi-Trucks)

  • Flat Bed Trailers 

  • Low Bed Trailers 

  • Container Lifting Trailers 

  • HIAB Trucks (Crane Trucks)

  • Pickups & Supporting Vehicles 

  • Forklifts 

  • Canters & Box Trucks 

  • Fuel Trucks 

  • Tanker Trucks (Liquid Waste)

Ideal for:   

  • Heavy Equipment

  • Oil & Gas Equipment

  • General Cargo

  • 20'ft - 45'ft Containers

  • Reefer Units

  • Machinery

  • Flat Racks

  • Over Sized Loads

  • Fuel Transport

  • Waste Transport 

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Puran Brothers - Driving Guyana's Future

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