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Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. is committed to work hand-in-hand with the government and other key stakeholders to maintain a clean surrounding for all and to continuously strive to keep our environment clean and safe for tomorrow’s generation. We pioneered private garbage collection in the rural areas and today thousands of households and businesses such as fast food restaurants, hotels, stores and other commercial entities benefit from our quality yet affordable service. We are the only waste management company in Guyana that holds an Operations Permit from the EPA. We operate under a number of contracts with the Georgetown Mayor and City Council and Government of Guyana for managing Solid Waste in various communities, as a result, Puran Brothers Disposal Inc. has now become a common household name in Guyana. Over the years we have also been able to build a respectable and recognized name in both the construction and ready-mix concrete sectors, and we have also expanded into a number of other various industries. 



"Keeping It Clean Is What We Do Best"


Over Three Decades of Dedicated Service


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Puran Brothers Waste Disposal
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