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COVID-19 Response


Our Response 

Puran Brothers offers our heartfelt support to those directly or indirectly affected by the coronavirus outbreak around the world. We hope everyone around the world is safe, healthy, and secure with their families. Puran Brothers Inc. has treated the COVID-19 pandemic with the utmost care and urgency. As an essential service, we have taken a number of steps and proactive actions to keep our employees and customers safe. 

  • Our first step was to provide education about this deadly virus. We held awareness sessions with ALL employees through virtual PowerPoint presentations and distributed flyers & brochures to ensure all employees fully understand what this virus is, how to prevent it, and what to do if it was contracted.

  • All employees were provided with masks and sanitizers. In addition, all desks, equipment, and documents are sprayed with sanitizers multiple times during the day. 

  • We installed hand sanitization and sink stations around all of our facilities to ensure all employees have access to sanitizer,  running water, and soap while on duty to prevent the virus.

  • We have implemented new procedures such as mandating all employees to be sprayed with alcohol-based sanitizers before entering our facilities. In addition, all persons entering our office building must wash their hands and have a temperature check before entering. 

  • Our administration employees are transported to and from our office with private transportation to limit their contact with other persons. 

How We Can Help Protect You

As COVID-19 becomes increasingly contiguous and a threat to public health, we have increased our capacity to provide vital services to fight against the spread of this infectious virus. We provide a myriad of necessary equipment to keep your employees and customers safe. Our well qualified and trained team is also prepared to decontaminate, disinfect, and dispose of your COVID-19 waste safely.

Our company provides services & equipment such as:

  • Portable Hand-Wash sinks

  • Tents (Create a pop-up decontamination area)

  • Portable Toilets 

  • Secure Medical Waste garbage bags

  • Bulk waste disposal (Skips & Dumpsters)

  • Medical Waste Transport

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